Downloads Limits
It is because of abuse of some people that we have established speed limits:

. Under 50 downloads a day: no limitation. You download at full speed
. Between 50 and 100 downloads a day you download at 20 Ko/s
. Between 100 and 150 downloads a day, you download at 10 Ko/s
. More thant 150 downloads a day: you download at 1 Ko/s

For the moment, you can see how much files you have downloaded, by consulting users list, located at the bottom right of each page, in the statistics box.

Don't ask me to avoid this limitation: it won't be suppressed.

You just have to wait tomorrow: counters are reset everyday.

If you can't wait, think that 17's Buddies is free. But perhaps you would like to pay in order to download at full speed at every moment.

Unkow Proxy
Another reason for slow downloads is if you are using a proxy that is not recognized as "reliable" by my scripts.

If you have no choice to browse via a proxy, please contact me in order to add your proxy to autorized ones.