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Fun Oldschool 1000 Maps Anarchy Server
post 13/02/2024 - 19:37:52 |   Post #1

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Hey guys! It's me, your old Russian friend Unpwnable.

You know what? I've been playing CS for many years... Man, I've had a pirate CD with 1.3-1.6 back in 2005 with some community maps - so yeah, even though I'm not a dinosaur with 3 children and a wooden house already, but still an oldie... And, basically, I think that there was no alternative for 1.6 since the very release like whatsoever - source version of the game didn't become a classic, and neither cz did - while cs go is something more limited in many ways and made rather for making money than for having some fun... I love the aesthetic of the game, I love the gameplay, I love people that play it, I love to find and collect some awesome maps and play on them! Because CS is not just a dust2 - it's way way bigger... And, even though online gradually decreases slowly, the game still rocks, people even do a lot of things that 10 years ago we wouldn't believe that is possible to create! Like highly detailed textures, giant maps, piano plugins, fortnite dances.. More complicated gamemodes.. Other stuff..

So... I want to invite ya all to my server. I mean, OUR server. This server was created with only one goal - to spend a great time with some great people playing on various maps and gamemodes - server has no rules (the rule is the only one - don't use cheats and other bullshit), you can troll, you can do whatever, and it's a multimode server - we've got football, we've got kz, we've got deathrun, and more and more and more... And a lot of cool/old school or even rare/lost maps that you may not find anywhere else.

It's fun. It's oldschool. Pure epic. Trust me. Server is located in Moscow, so we speak russian and english. Join us anytime!

AnonPlay ex-QTR4 (well yeah basically we've got kinda 10+ yrs of history)

/maps - nominate a map
bind button piss - piss
/hats - hats
/chickenme - change your gender
And many many more..

This post has been edited by FairPlayCS2: 13/02/2024 - 19:42:28
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