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Cs 1.6 Server, Mod Zombie Plague, Alive And Active, counter strike 1.6 server zombie plague mod
post 06/01/2017 - 13:33:44 |   Post #1

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Hello all, i present my counter strike 1.6 zombie plague server, it non stop active from many years (sice 2011) without change main format and style, this game server is follower of one of best known Fench zombie plague mod server that know it most old school cs lovers, main format always same but i have activated some extra fun options and addons also new year eve still active for next couple of days and also achivements to, action be great especially when plague mod starts, it more than classic zombie mod game that there would be enough action and excitement, partly like judgement day or small armagedon mod cause there is many strong nemesis vs survivor and less classic zombie, nemesis mod enough scary and our nem. more than danger with extra speed and jump ability, any newbie players can command it with less efford and survivor mod run and save yourself mod, sure all mods and game play always be better with more players or with full server unfortunately our server need min 24 player that any mod to start min player count. Some dfferent extra fun pesent yes but usual game play simple also maps mostly small, even me to like small maps and this is the time requirement, if players start fast to ingame action they stay otherwise they leave server. There is no enough online player like old times, present day people can find any alternative game for mobile phones or tablets also social media platforums offer and comes with many many games.

Here plague mod just start moment with my cs 1.6 zm server, more than one nemesis and survivor, i have set optimum count of survivor cause too much survivor mean big server lag, before i forget server has reward system, so with each kill you own a reward (kill survivor or nemesi) with multi jump those nem team have nomercy so be careful

I have server management experince from many years even i have had internet caffe from half-life times and one of first about cs 1.5 (first cs version came with only patch) there were not bots yet cor counter strike and cyber caffes have it first. Anyway i know most server manager keep server(s) online mostly max. 1 year, my community servers active and online from 6 years and i do not to think close them at the that point, any one can come to visit especially our cs 1.6 zombie server, mod still popular for young kids but also for big boys and men, you can visit my server that see what is my extra items and also about game balance, i do not like that some ones play for rank or frag, especilly i do not like one man show so human (team) players need to move together and need team defens otherwise you see in the server, zombies stronger than other servers they are faster also have more jump ability as i said maps are small and no place to hide and i hate camper players, there is rules for players, respect too important for us, many rules for players also for admins to. Now also zombie vip mod active from couple of weeks and free vip for all i do not know how long i keep it active cause also i do not like change server style but some extra fun good for now. Time change also people change and players to, now everything faster than all times i do not think so people more rich but more hyperactive yes, i do not know where they try to reach but player stay time too less in the server, now no one tring to learn a new thing or show efford any simple thing.

Another round start before the mod, here some gift (present) boxes that you can find for every maps and santa hat for players, i think every cs 1.6 players like those ambiant things also new year trees and snow man, small maps yes but i have a good reason and now all maps are small.

I always say no fun for server manager and nothing for profit, %99 server manager pay for servers personally, for dedicate server and also hosting may be hosting for fast download, but may be boosting services make money, this is not a job only hobby, if you want to open your cs 1.6 server and zombie plague mod come to see my server also i open for new ideas.

here a video linkfrom old times, with our sexy female models:

Special thanks to that keep website with sacrifice, always help me so much that my capris players never be happy with maps even they usually cry for when open a new map but i have decided to command my ship how i know otherwise server go to abondoned.

Server ip:
cs 1.6 server Location: Hosted Central Europe

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